A Couple Of Laurels

A Couple Of Laurels


It is because I have always wanted a shift dress that I decided to make my first Laurel. I chose the Colette Shift dress pattern and printed it PDF style and methodically cut off the strips and stuck all the bits together. In my rather extensive stash I had a lovely purple tartan in a fairly light and slightly stretchy fabric that I had purchased from Fabric Corner in Lincoln


I found the pattern easy to follow but although I payed particular attention to the finished garment size, the end product was really roomy waist down. I took a little bit more off the seam (about 1/2″ each side) and that was enough. I also found the neckline rather high for my taste so I shaved 1/2″ off the front too.  I really enjoyed the fiddly bit of fitting the sleeves and the end result of the neat little sleeve was worth all the pinning. I wore my first attempt to a friends birthday bash and was so pleased, I went straight on to make my second.


I wanted my next one to be more structured so I used a cotton poplin that I had bought from Coolcrafting. It is an exquisite shade of grey and reminded me a little bit of Liberty fabric!


Cutting out was a breeze and because of the previous sizing issue,  I graded the pattern one size smaller below the waist. I have no idea why, but this time it really gaped at the back on the neckline. I was so frustrated because it hadn’t happened before !! A quick emergency text to my sister in law and it was decided that I should put a couple of ‘garment saving’ darts in the back. Hey presto, they worked thank goodness… panic over, or so I thought.


Using the poplin which is quite stiff and doesn’t drape that well made it really quite shapeless and I began to wonder if I would ever wear it. Out popped the scissors and before you could say ‘shapeless shift dress’ it was a top and I’m much happier with the result. in fact…I wore it all day !!


Will I make another Laurel ? I most certainly will but I will use fabrics with draping properties and I’m going to lower the neckline a bit more. I will also try to sort out the gaping neckline by adjusting the pattern.