Striped Squares Quilt

Striped Squares Quilt


My sister was having a baby girl and I really wanted to make her a special quilt that she could keep forever and who knows, maybe even pass on to her children! I have a ‘go to’ book when it comes to quilts. It was originally my mums and I know she used it a lot too but I love it because it has so many fairly quick quilts that look really complicated !! Even More Quilts For Baby is a book by Ursula Reikes and it is 20 fantastic baby quilt patterns, easy to follow instructions and inspirational pictures.


One thing I really wanted to get right was the fabric combinations. I chose the Striped Squares quilt and it needed four main fabrics. I went to my local fabric shop and decided on these four.


The red floral was very liberty style and it was the fabric I picked first. I really wish that I had bought loads of it as I have never seen it again and it is so pretty. Then I found the  Tilda Folk Birds which I love and then matched the two greens. Again I don’t know the manufacturer of the green fabrics but the cabbage roses were a bit different and added texture whilst the stipe was my plain.

Following the book, I sewed 14 strips (cut selvedge to selvedge) of the four fabrics together and then using a 6″square ruler I cut out 24 squares. I then sewed four squares together to make a block. I have since done this pattern another way using a jelly roll. Make squares four strips wide, lay one block horizontally face up and then place a second square vertically face down, sew 1/4″ seam all the way round. Cut diagonally one way and then the other, iron and then sew the opposites back together.


Both ways have their positives and negatives, it just depends which way you prefer !! There is definitely less waste with the second way but it takes longer !

My sister was very pleased with it and it got lots of use in my niece’s first few years, it now hangs on the end of her bed and still gets a cuddle every now and then!