A Mother’s Day Bettine

A Mother’s Day Bettine


On the morning of Mother’s Day my daughter produced the most beautiful handmade card (I have 18 years worth kept in a treasured pile in my bedside drawer). She also gave me a Tilly and the Buttons Bettine paper pattern. I was absolutely thrilled as it was pinned into my Pinterest ‘Stuff I want to make folder’ about a year ago. It’s also lovely to have a paper pattern as I often use the PDF style and there is something a little more luxurious about a paper pattern.


I had ear marked a vintage fabric that I had found in an antique centre so I was ready to go. It is a thick polyester, has a good drape and it was £5 for 3 yards! I don’t know why but I agonised over which size to make. Possibly because the fabric had absolutely no ‘give’ to it what-so-ever but also because of the design. I didn’t know how roomy I wanted my finished garment measurements to be. My actual measurement being size 3, I decided to make size 4 as I hate my clothes being too tight.

Cutting out was easy as its a really thick quality paper but the fabric I had chosen was a complete nightmare. It frayed, it moved, no stretch (at all) and because I bought it as a vintage one off, I knew I only had just enough. No mistakes, no pockets, concentrate….

My first mistake was sewing the skirt pieces the wrong way round (I wasn’t concentrating and hadn’t bothered lining up the notches). Thank goodness the thick polyester was very forgiving when unpicked!! Sewn back the right way and fabric aside, the pattern was a pleasure to make. I had cut out the size 4 skirt and it made me look like I should be coming in at 2:1. Was it possible my hips could look that wide…clearly yes. I looked at the pattern and you could clearly see that it bulged on the pattern too. I graded the skirt down to a 3 in the middle, a new couple of seams and the skirt fitted perfectly. I also had originally cut it 2″ longer as I had done some research and a rather short skirt was one of the complaints.



I will definitely be making this pattern again but not with temperamental fabric like this!! I shall make the pocket version next time and I shall make one in a stretch fabric too. I read on Tilly Blog that you don’t have to change the pattern for jersey fabric, although it’s best not to make pockets as they can look a bit saggy!



6 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Bettine

    1. Thank you lovely, I was so chuffed when I found the fabric. I keep looking to see if she has any more. It was a good learning curve grading the pattern to fit my shape. I’m wondering if I’m ready for buttonhole’s…. Gulp!


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